For many years, POTIEZ-DEMAN is specialized in moving companies, offices and public institutions. In this regard, you can consult our list of references here below, many of which are implemented through a framework contract.

From the simple handling of offices to the exceptional transfer of company, POTIEZ-DEMAN is positioned as the ideal partner of your future movement.
We offer an intervention adapted to the importance of your needs.

Every business move is unique and we have to make a visit in order to make a free quote according to the volumes, the duration of the move and your budget amounts.

We provide you with a Project Manager who will contact you to analyze the premises, draw up specifications and plan together. He will manage your move with you from A to Z.

For more information, please send your request directly to, or contact 02/344 77 44.

Free quote
Déménagement corporate


POTIEZ-DEMAN has an extensive experience in the management of large-scale removals with complex specifications and is able to handle important constraints.

POTIEZ-DEMAN is positioned as a reflection partner and has the resources to meet requirements in terms of time, volumes, complexity of manipulation or important security aspects. Indeed, we are accustomed to working for European and International organizations as well as in airports where safety and compliance are paramount.

Déménagement société


POTIEZ-DEMAN counts among its “industrial” clients, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and laboratories. Some of these sites are also classified Seveso.

Our experience and expertise are decisive in order to be able to identify demand, know how to assess risks and propose appropriate procedures. Adaptability and professionalism are our major assets in this type of special projects.



  • Setting up a preparatory meeting.
  • Setting up a joint planning in which the manner of executing the removal is clearly stipulated.
  • Appointing a person responsible for executing the removal.
  • Supplying the right amount of cardboard boxes, plastic boxes and rolltainers.
  • Supplying tape and labels for documents, office supplies and archives.
  • Packing up administrative documents and archives. (option)
  • Putting our trucks at your disposal. (fleet of 40 vehicles)
  • Protecting the floors and the woodwork in the old and new offices



  • Plugging out and plugging in all electrical and electronical devices.
  • Supplying a cleaning service in the old and/or new offices.
  • Taking off and putting back fixed elements to walls, floors, ceilings…
  • Disassembling and reassembling walls, doors, windows.
  • Archives. (preserving or destroying)

Up to you

The client gives POTIEZ-DEMAN the following information

  • Definition of the risk area. (prevention plan)
  • The name of the person responsible for following up the different phases of the removal, when loading and unloading.
  • The permission to use all mechanical devices needed in order to execute the removal properly.
  • The resistance of the floors.
  • The exact places where the material needs to be put.

Our services


When moving, POTIEZ-DEMAN makes an inventory of your archives, places them in labeled boxes with references on them, and loads them into container lorries. Each container is stored in a secured warehouse.

The destruction of archives is important, from an economical point of view. POTIEZ-DEMAN can take care of this, when the archives have legally surpassed the period of archiving time. POTIEZ-DEMAN will send you a certificate that will state the operation was successfully executed.


For short or long term storage, in any situation, POTIEZ-DEMAN offers you a practical and flexible solution to your lack of space in your home. Secure storage, for any volume and accessible on demand. Find out more


In the context of growing demand for rental of semi-industrial storage areas, POTIEZ-DEMAN has acquired an additional building. In addition, we offer long-term outdoor parking for vehicles of all sizes (car, van, trailer, boat, caravan, mobile home, truck, semi-trailer, crane …).


POTIEZ-DEMAN only employs qualified personnel and efficient wrapping materials. Our teams receive an extensive training. We protect and wrap your goods up with high quality wrapping materials. Each piece of furniture is separately wrapped in blankets. The most fragile objects are additionally protected by a layer of air cushion foil. Every object that requires special care (frames, paintings, antiques, chandeliers, …) is placed in a cardboard box that is customized.


After your move, POTIEZ-DEMAN offers you to completely empty your house or apartment of your used objects or furniture which you want to get rid of.


To facilitate your move, POTIEZ-DEMAN can take care of cleaning the space you are leaving or moving in. You will not have to worry about the state of the places of exit and find a new place clean and welcoming on your arrival.

Assembling service

For dismantling and assembling furniture – existing or new – you can count on the services of POTIEZ-DEMAN. Do not hesitate to contact us with your question. More info …


We offer to individuals and companies, for the removal of rubble and non-toxic waste, the rental of tippers and containers.


By using the services of POTIEZ-DEMAN, you are insured against damage that could happen to your objects and furniture. POTIEZ-DEMAN offers you a basic coverage and also the possibility to insure you all risks.


Potiez-Deman can make deliveries for you by putting its fleet of vehicles at your disposal, as well as the tools for efficient and safe handling.


POTIEZ-DEMAN has a important fleet of elevator vehicles at your disposal, capable of lifting weights up to 300 kg, from the 1st to the 12th floor.
Our professional elevator operators take care of all your fragile objects, voluminous furniture or other goods which cannot be moved by taking the stairs or an inside elevator. Each of our lift operator has been trained and each of our vehicle has been certified by an independent organisation.


All your computer equipment can also be uninstalled and reinstalled without having to worry about anything.

Some references