When it comes to international removals, each removal is unique. Therefore our performances are personalized in order to accomplish your wishes.We listen to your wishes in order to make you feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

Apart from taking care of the actual removal, we also take care of all customs formalities.

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International groupage is part of the daily activities at POTIEZ-DEMAN. The goods are allocated to different lorries, according to the different destinations. With regards to international groupage outside the Belux, POTIEZ-DEMAN has partnerships with carefully chosen companies. Each partner is a regional specialist whose working methods are aligned with those of POTIEZ-DEMAN. At POTIEZ-DEMAN we are in charge of the follow-up of the removal.

POTIEZ-DEMAN offers regular departure dates to different European countries. For a short overview of our regular routes and a precise planning, please contact:

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For an international move, POTIEZ-DEMAN offers to store your furniture in transit containers. Your personal belongings are loaded directly into this type of container. Then it will be stored, under surveillance, in our logistics hall (7,500 m²), located in Brussels.

As soon as we receive your green light, we organize the transport and carry out the shipment to your final destination.

For any further information, do not hesitate to send us your request.

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Our services


For removals in continental Europe, POTIEZ-DEMAN puts at your disposal its large fleet of vehicles. Moreover, the road solution can be an interesting alternative in terms of budget. Indeed thanks to its many European partners, POTIEZ-DEMAN can guarantee you a very good quality-price ratio.

Moving Overseas

POTIEZ-DEMAN also organizes your overseas move by sea. This mode of transport is the most commonly used for long distance international removals.

For this purpose, POTIEZ-DEMAN’s expertise in maritime packaging and how to secure your goods in specific containers will make a difference and ensure that your personal belongings arrive safely.

Air transport

Air transports are quicker but more expensive. You should consider it only for personal items of great value or importance.

POTIEZ-DEMAN through its network will assure you a complete control of your move and will be able to inform you on the goods which can be the subject of an air transport or not.


For short or long term storage, in any situation, POTIEZ-DEMAN offers you a practical and flexible solution to your lack of space in your home. Secure storage, for any volume and accessible on demand. Find out more


POTIEZ-DEMAN also offers assistance for any move to European confreres on Belgian soil. Assistance can be translated into reinforcement in terms of human, technical or material resources


By using the services of POTIEZ-DEMAN, you are insured against damage that could happen to your objects and furniture. POTIEZ-DEMAN offers you a basic coverage and also the possibility to insure you all risks.

Our partners

POTIEZ-DEMAN has a network of international partners that enable it to organize all types of move from or to Belgium.

As a guarantee of the quality of its service and its know-how, POTIEZ-DEMAN is a member of international networks such as FEDEMAC and EUROVAN.